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At NEPEAN Transport we pride ourselves in the solutions we offer our global customers through our three specialised businesses, Bliss-Fox Ground Support Equipment, Nepean NightOwl lighting towers and VIS Service Automation for the heavy vehicle industry.

Bliss-Fox® Ground Support Equipment is one of the world’s leading suppliers of aircraft push-back and tow tractors. The range includes baggage tractors right up to the flagship, industry benchmark 70-tonne F1-500, A380 capable tractor. Sold worldwide for over 40 years, Bliss-Fox has a well-established global network of service partners, maintaining an international reputation for reliability, innovative design and premium quality.

Our Bliss-Fox GSE equipment and service offer includes:

  • World class reputation for the design and manufacture of aircraft pushback tractors
  • Complete range of aircraft tractors up to A380 capable
  • After sales maintenance programmes
  • Maintenance of other OEM equipment; and
  • International on-the-ground support

Bliss-Fox tractors provide extended life and lower overall operating and total life-cycle cost, being purpose-designed and easily customised to provide clients with a tailored and specific solution via:

  • Drop-in ballast design
  • No obstruction to operator line-of-sight
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Full-width enclosed cabins; and
  • Variable power pack options that provide power to spare in each model category

As part of Bliss-Fox’s commitment to innovation and continual product development we recently launched the new F1-150 and F1-400 tractors to provide a complete range of tow tractor options.

Bliss-Fox tractors: simple, effective, robust, with power to spare!

VIS Service Automation is the innovative supplier of the VIS-Check range of automated undercarriage diagnostic systems for the accurate testing of brakes, steering and suspension. Utilising safe, fast and reliable testing methods, VIS-Check is used by fleet owners, truck service workshops and enforcement agencies in the USA, Canada, Australia and NZ.

A good example of Nepean’s innovation capability and genuine commitment to solving customer problems is the VIS Polish patented fully robotic aluminium wheel polish machine that restores aluminium truck and bus rims to a mirror finish with the press of a button. The six axis robot is controlled by 180,000 lines of programming code, and a force compliance system. It uses learned intelligence that automatically adapts to the wheel position, size, condition and infinite wheel patterns.

VIS-Polish is the first aftermarket solution to restore aluminium wheels in the world. VIS-Polish has improved fleet safety, and lowered the life cycle cost of aluminium wheels for the heavy vehicle industry in North America, and has been sold throughout the USA, Canada, Asia and Australia.

NEPEAN NIGHTOWL manufacture 4 head and 6 head self-powered portable lighting towers, purpose built for the toughest conditions. The NIGHTOWL towers have a fully extendable, push button hydraulic mast, retractable draw-bars for economical transport, an engine shutdown protection system and are BMA and are MDG 15 compliant. In addition, they come with an optional 24/7 fully remote programmable function. More recently, NIGHTOWL has launched the innovative balloon light that produces 360 degrees of diffused, glare-free light. NEPEAN

NIGHTOWL: innovators in light tower technology

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