NEPEAN Transport Announces a New Business - Active GSE

NEPEAN Transport Announces a New Business - Active GSE

NEPEAN Transport Announces a New Dedicated Business Arm for Turnkey Ground Support Equipment and Sale of Bliss-Fox™ Brand


Leading Australian, heavy equipment manufacturer, NEPEAN Transport, announced the launch of a new business division and brand – NEPEAN Active GSE (Ground Support Equipment).

‘This new division is a natural evolution of the current work we do in supplying innovative turnkey solutions in ground support equipment to the aviation industry. For over 20 years NEPEAN has been supplying Bliss-Fox aircraft tractors to the market as well as supporting the equipment. The new NEPEAN Active GSE division will represent a broader range of ground support equipment to meet the needs of industry. It will also offer innovative options for GSE fleet outsourcing,’ explained Mr Jason Watson, General Manager, NEPEAN Transport.

‘In addition to the Bliss-Fox aircraft tractors, customers will be able to choose from a range of other brands and equipment. NEPEAN Active GSE is already partnering with world leading GSE fleet managers to allow the business to offer sound advice when tailoring product and manufacturer selection to match the customer need without brand bias. Naturally, customers will also have greater choice in the type of equipment they can now purchase or lease from NEPEAN. Besides aircraft tractors, customers can now select from a wide range of GSE for short-term hire, long-term lease, or purchase,’ he said.


As part of the decision to create a dedicated business arm and brand to service the needs of the aviation industry’s ground support equipment, NEPEAN Transport has signed a sale agreement with Thai equipment manufacturer, Panus base and complete focus on providing a GSE fleet outsourcing option for fleet owners, will allow it to provide customers with a wholistic, viable and cost-competitive value proposition.

‘Besides a broader product offering, the focus of NEPEAN Active GSE will be very much on partnering with our customers to provide turnkey solutions in total GSE management. These solutions will deliver the very best technical know-how and expertise in preventative maintenance and repairs when it comes to ground support equipment. Our value proposition will focus on ensuring that all operational ground support equipment stays that way – operational - while absorbing repair bill spikes.

‘Our customers will be able to leverage our deep GSE domain knowledge, technical credibility and considerable engineering capability  with  ground  support  equipment to ensure maintenance occurs on time, efficiently and cost-effectively. Additionally, we will now also be able to provide the industry with the option to overhaul and refurbish existing ground support equipment to almost as ‘new’ but at a very competitive cost,’ said Mr Watson.

With its focus very much on the supply of a wide range of quality products, delivery of on-time maintenance, the ongoing reliability of ground support equipment and its compliance with aviation safety requirements, NEPEAN Active GSE expects to be able to make a valuable contribution to the needs of the aviation industry.


For more information about NEPEAN Active GSE call NEPEAN Transport on +61 (02) 4647 6868.



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