For NEPEAN Building & Infrastructure to be the most trusted partner in high value, innovative and sustainable solutions for the world’s mining, engineering, manufacturing, defence, aerospace, transport, infrastructure and construction businesses.


We will challenge current thinking to deliver integrated, responsive and innovative solutions. We will support best practice in safety, design, project management and strategic partnerships



  • We value, respect and build trust with our employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders, by doing what we say we will do
  • We empower, reward, appreciate and harness the diverse talents of our employees which results in loyal, highly committed and passionate people
  • Through strong and engaging leadership, we get superior results
  • Honesty and integrity drive our behaviour
  • Zero harm is our priority
  • We place great value on personal and technical credibility 


  • In pursuit of business success for our customers, we are always flexible and  innovative in our approach, driven by global best practice. We listen where others tell
  • Safe solutions for our customers are our priority
  • Through trust we create lasting customer relationships


  • Being stream specialists we deliver superior outcomes that create value for all stakeholders
  • Exceptional execution is our core capability. We are consistent, agile, and have a “can do” approach
  • Our relentless pursuit of excellence sets us apart
  • We lead by example and hold ourselves accountable. We are dedicated, professional and passionate. We reward and celebrate success


  • We foster new ideas and innovative solutions
  • We have a thirst for knowledge and for finding better ways of doing things, resulting in more insightful thinking and smart ways of working together
  • We are stream specialists, respected because we are technical experts


  • We shape sustainable outcomes that align to the needs and aspirations of our people, customers, partners, community and the natural environment
  • We are committed to the overall lifecycle of the products and services we create that sit at the heart of our business
  • We are continually and actively engaged in creating sustainable and safe solutions for our clients and ourselves