Frac Tanks

Frac Tanks
Frac Tanks

NEPEAN Engineering & Innovation (NE&I) has been developing and producing proprietary products; made to order heavy fabrication & machining items / components for Mining; Material Handling; Gas Drilling;  General Engineering; Automotive; Aerospace & Defence industries for more than 37 years.

In the diligent pursuit for innovative solutions, NE&I has developed Single Axle Frac and Mud Tanks with closed / open top for Gas Drilling and Mining Applications

NEPEAN’s Frac and Mud Tanker benefits Include:

  • 75m3 capacity; rear axle with new tyres & one spare tyre; RMS-NSW registered
  • Telescopic legs built in with hydraulic cylinders and a power pack which enables lifting and lowering of the tank before and after towing
  • Telescopic legs raise hitch pin height to 1.2m from ground to allow easy towing
  • Painted inside and outside
  • Manifold with six (6) valves and one spare supplied
  • 100mm water filling line fitted in the tank
  • Easy access ladders fitted on front and back
  • Tapered floor with man-hole to facilitate easier cleaning
  • Size: 10m (L) x 3.8m (H) x 2.45m (W)


Tanker can only be moved when empty

Above features are for Standard Frac Tank only and can be varied to suit client’s specific requirements