Mine Ventilation Equipment

Mine Ventilation Equipment
Mine Ventilation Equipment
Mine Ventilation Equipment

Whilst the normal operational demands placed on mine fans may not be as severe as in other heavy industrial processes, the consequences of malfunction in a mine are obtuse. As a manufacturing partner of Howden Australia, the Axial and centrifugal mine ventilation fans manufactured by NEPEAN are made first and foremost with safety in mind.

40 years of engineering experience

As a manufacturiung partner of Howden Australia, NEPEAN manufacture the largest surface mine ventilation fans as well as smaller fans for underground mine ventilation and booster applications.  

NEPEAN has manufactured a range of Howden designed mine ventilation fans stretching from simple fixed pitch axial flow fans through mixed flow to large customised main surface fans.  All fans meet the requirements of high efficiency, low noise and the potential for reverse flow. Axial or centrifugal fans may be supplied and customers can be assured that Howden have the correct design for the application, and NEPEAN have the knowledge and experience to manufacture it for performance, reliability, and safety.

Mine ventilation

Mine fans we have manufactured include:

  • variable and non-variable pitch axial flow main ventilation fans
  • centrifugal surface ventilation fans with radial vanes for complete air volume control
  • mixed flow underground booster fans – compact and robust
  • adjustable/fixed pitch axial fans for underground auxiliary ventilation and portable mine fans

The Howden/NEPEAN fan equipment operates in the largest mines in Australia, assisting in the extraction of gold, copper, coal and other essential minerals.

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