How is it made?

VIS-Check automated vehicle service diagnostic modules are made in Australia and the U.S.A, combining decades of research, development and experience in service automation equipment manufacturing technology developed by NEPEAN Transport.

What is it used for?

VIS-Check automated diagnostic equipment is used for inspecting brakes, steering and suspension of vehicles. VIS-check then produces a Safety and Efficiency Report to guide maintenance activities.

Why choose VIS-Check?

There are so many reasons why VIS-Check® automated vehicle service diagnostic module is the right choice. Here are just four of them.

Made for Australian/US vehicle models and road conditions –

For over 20 years, our engineers have been rigorously testing and developing VIS-Check roller brake, steering and suspension testers on hundreds of Australian and U.S. vehicle models in the most demanding conditions.

So whether you are testing a light duty, medium duty or heavy duty vehicles both narrow or wide body, using a VIS-Check, you can be sure it’s great Aussie design will work efficiently.

Wide range of configurations –

VIS-Check can be manufactured in a wide variety of configurations to suit any installation for on-road and off-road heavy transport vehicles.

VIS-Check can be manufactured to be installed in-ground, above ground and also integrated into various trailer systems.

Simple, reliable design –

VIS-Check has a versatile, custom designed, remote control panel which allows the operator to maintain full control of the equipment whilst moving around the test vehicle. Solid steel frame, locally fabricated, solid steel rollers and hydraulic control system means the useful life of VIS-Check is by far the best in its class.

Made and backed by Australian owned NEPEAN™ -

NEPEAN Transport is a division of NEPEAN™, Australia’s largest privately owned engineering, mining services and industrial manufacturing organisation. The company’s business philosophy has always been focussed on meeting customer needs of the transport industry – having the right quality product at the right price, and backed by an unmatched level of service.