How is it made?

VIS-Check automated aluminium wheel polishing machine is made in Australia, combining decades of research, development and experience in service automation equipment manufacturing technology developed by NEPEAN Transport.

What is it used for?

VIS-Polish is a robotic wheel polishing system that restores aluminum truck and bus rims to a mirror finish. The VIS-Polish quickly refurbishes road-weary wheels to reveal any hidden damage before a wheel can break.

Why choose VIS-Polish?

There are so many reasons why VIS-Polish® robotic aluminium wheel polish machine is the right choice. Here are just five of them.

  1. Made in Australia for all Aluminium truck wheel models 19'"-24.5" for over 10 years our engineers have been rigorously testing and developing VIS-Polish automated aluminium wheel polishing machine on thousands of Australian and US wheel models for use in the most demanding conditions.

  2. Vehicle safety - oxidised rims camouflage dangerous cracks while polished rims reveal dangerous defects

  3. Fleet pride- a well polished vehicle communicates the pride of the owner or community where the vehicle operates

  4. Resale - a well polished vehicle demands a higher price on the resale market. Mirror finish rims add a desirable selling feature and add to the appeal of the vehicle.

  5. Made and backed by NEPEAN™ - NEPEAN Transport is a division of NEPEAN™, Australia’s largest privately owned engineering, mining services and industrial manufacturing organisation. The company’s business philosophy has always been focussed on meeting customer needs of the transport industry – having the right quality product at the right price, and backed by an unmatched level of service.