NEPEAN Transport provides on-site training and technician certification for all VIS-Check® products. Technicians are trained to set up equipment, perform inspections and interpret test data gathered. VIS will show service employees and service managers how to help customers interpret reports and illustrate the risks versus benefits of having detected work repaired or serviced.

Preventative Maintenance

NEPEAN Transport service technicians maintain and calibrate equipment to ensure integrity and efficiency. NEPEAN Transport technicians calibrate VIS-Check®, VIS-Polish®, Beeline® and Intercomp® equipment to comply with all relevant Australian standards. Regular calibration and preventive maintenance ensures NEPEAN Transport equipment will continue to be an effective enforcement tool producing credible reports that will stand up in a court of law.

Repair & Replacement parts

NEPEAN Transport keeps inventory of repair and replacement parts on hand to ensure all products provide maximum efficiency and reliability. On hand parts minimise down-time of equipment and the costs associated with having to wait for spares and consumables.

Product upgrades

NEPEAN Transport continuously develops hardware and software to improve productivity, cycle speed and cost of operation.

Please make an inquiry and find out if there is a way to improve your NEPEAN Transport equipment.