Proudly Australian Made and Owned

We’ve been supporting local manufacturing for more than 40 years, crafting Australian steel from BlueScope® into the robust range of lintels you know today. We’re proud to feature the Australian Made and Owned logo on Galintel® Solid Base Angle, T-Bar and Rendabar® which are manufactured in our facility in Coffs Harbour, NSW.

Certified Australian Authenticity

The logo is widely recognised by consumers as the most trusted and reliable ‘true mark of Aussie authenticity’. For over 30 years the iconic green and gold Kangaroo triangle has been a a helpful shopping aid for consumers around the globe. To achieve the logo status goods go through a third-party accreditation system to ensure that only those certified as ‘genuinely Australian’ receive the logo.

We’re proud that all locally made steel lintels from Galintel feature this logo clearly on product label.  You can learn more about our products featuring the logo or more about what Australian Made means by visiting

Why ‘Australian Made’ Matters

We’ve published a whole article on why this matters which you can read here. At Galintel, we are committed to local manufacturing, supporting the Australian building industry through high quality products and reliable service. You can be confident knowing Galintel products are compliant to relevant standards, meet Australian Building Codes, are made using high-quality steel of a particular grade. Our products are made to last and are durable enough for Australia’s harsh climate, backed by our 25 year warranty for added peace of mind.