Galintel Supply Chain Update

In recent months there have been reports of substantial pressure on the Australian building industry, from record housing starts as reported by the HIA to raw and finished materials shortages nationwide.

Headlines this month include disruptions with container arrivals, adding further stress to businesses waiting on imports.

We recognise the strain these conditions can have on your business. The team at Galintel are ramping up local production hours and working to ensure continuity of supply to support the ongoing needs of our customers.

Increasing Labour Hours

Our Australian Made Solid Base Angle and Traditional T-Bar are experiencing record demand. We’ve put additional shifts and team members in place in our manufacturing facility in Coffs Harbour to increase the output of locally manufactured products. To ensure good stock levels throughout the market we recommend forward planning and coordinating your needs with your Galintel Representative.

Teams across our distribution centres are also increasing daily order intake and weekly despatch routes to accommodate speedy processing. To ensure no delays in order processing we recommend supplying your orders in advance so our team can schedule to meet your deadlines.

Australian Made

Our hybrid supply chain allows flexibility in product options to better serve the needs of your business. Our facility in Coffs Harbour can accommodate large volumes of locally made Solid Base Angle and Traditional T-Bar in all variant sizes. If you’re forward planning for large project works, reach out to your Galintel Representative in regards to our local product options. Truckload orders can be placed and scheduled in advance to guarantee supply.

Suitable Alternatives to Timber

Our diverse range of products includes suitable steel alternatives to many timber items, offering a solution to continue work on-site without compromising on quality or strength, such as
– Cavi-T Bar and J-Bar are both suitable off-the-shelf fabricated steel solutions to replace timber beams in brick veneer and cavity wall applications, providing superior loading capacities.
– Adjustable Builders Posts are an off the shelf reusable solution to support timber framing during the installation process. They can also be used to replace permanent timber support posts.
– Retaining Wall Posts can accommodate a variety of sleepers including concrete and stone, with connections compatible with either timber or metal fences.
– Dual Stair Stringers are a robust alternative to timber stair stringers, available in 1 to 17 treads in galvanised steel.

How We Can Help

Our team is committed to providing you with confidence in your supply chain, working hard to ensure stocks are available to meet the surge in demand from the market.

We appreciate your patience and ongoing support. Our team is available to assist with any queries you may have, contactable via 1800 LINTEL or