NEPEAN Conveyors Maxxi Drive System – designed for the harshest underground mining environments

NEPEAN Conveyors have been driving innovation for portable, modular, rapid installation, development conveyor drive systems for over 30 years.

First there was the 1200mm belt width 75kW Jiffy Drive systems, closely followed by the 150kW Nifty Drive and 300kW Hefty Drive. Now we welcome the largest solution in our range for underground mining applications, the 1600mm belt width Maxxi Drive System that is capable of install powers up to 560kW with the largest belt storage capacities available.

The solution is a standard NEPEAN Conveyors product with upgrade features to suit any of our customer’s needs.

Our proven Development Conveyor Systems are purpose designed for the harshest underground mining environments and “go the extra mile”. Coupled with unrivalled quality and superior customer support NEPEAN Conveyors products will outperform the competition for decades to come.

See one of our Maxxi Development Conveyor Systems ready for delivery to an important local client in compact transportable modules.

To find out more about our Maxxi Drive Solutions, please contact us.